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The company was born from an idea of Elisabetta and Alessandra Palazzi which, starting from 1990, and conscious of their great handmade and creative capabilities, they started to draw, cut and tailor bathing suits, launching a production based on friends and acquaintances demands. In a short time their products get a foothold on the local market due to their originality and appropriate cost. Innovation is all along the engine of the company and its added value; thanks to the innovative spirit and the research on the product that BettyModaMare searched the fashion changes, turning the bathing suit into a la mode product and accurate to trends. BettyModaMare takes the maximum care on the latest fashion trends with its own bathing suits collection, continuously updating the style and guarantees the total quality of the product in the manufacturing and handcrafted sphere.


The laboratory besides to satisfy the demand of commercial activities of the branch, supplying them a finished and packed products with their own brand name (bathing suits, lightweight dresses, beach accessories etc.), it has an own production for the retail sale, At our shop you can find the entire collection of our summer products, with the chance to have any bathing suit sample customized and personalized. In this way the customer receives an exclusive service and a quality item at a competitive price compared with the market. All phases, starting from the style design to the manufacturing are made with well-advanced equipment and are made in Italy in order to guarantee to the customer a 100% Made in Italy product. Particular importance is given by the design phase which gives the best comfort to the items matched with fashion.